Daily program

The children separated in classes depending on their age, begin their day with free game, which afterwards gives its place to morning discussion. Our objective is for children to acquire knowledge for the world that surrounds them and develop their free expression, through the subject of the day.

Singing, the music and rhythmical games are some of  the most beloved moments of children during the day.

A festival of colours from wood crayons, finger painting, crayons, water-colours, paintbrushes and pencils gives form in children’s imagination and contribute in developing their aesthetics. Sensible exercises and pre-numerican meanings help the children to accentuate their senses so that they can conceive better the environment and comprehend forms, volumes, sizes, so as to they advance easily afterwards to numbers.

Material from nature, such as papers, boxes and objects that exist around us become craft manufactures with so that each child can feel the joy of the artist.

Continuing our day, we reach in the beloved hour of children: fairy tale, muppet show, dramatization. The knowledge becomes feeling and the fears demystify, when we transform ourselves in animals, wizards and other fictional existences. During our daily educational program hours of break and food interfere, as well as the course English for children after the age of 3.

The children of kindergarten have still one hour a week musical education with a schoolteacher of the conservatoire, and courses, so that they go completely prepared to the public school.

Optional lessons


For all parents that are interested, our school provides the possibility for children to participate in optional lessons such as as swimming, music-o-kinetics education, figurative arts, French, computers and Taek Won Do.

These courses are taught from specialised schoolteachers and children of age of 3 years and above can participate.

For our children that grew up and are in Public school, an afternoon department of study is available.