Address of school

Angelica Alexandraki, graduated of Kindergarten Faculty of Athens with experience in the education of children of infantile age and with special knowledge paedopsychology of Texas University at Austin, runs our school.

Educational personnel

Every of our 4 orders has two educated teachers that with comprehension, calm and patience, find near to each child, developing with him one personal relation. Our psychologist, visits the children a time the week, discusses and consults parents and teachers. During the time are organised common concentrations of parents, where with the help of psychologist we develop to us subjects that can us occupy, so much in the school what in the house. In our educational personnel are still included, the professor of English, the professor of music and the schoolteacher of Theatrical game. Concentrations of parents with regard to the progress of children become each two months.

Medical visits

The pediatrician of school, in the frames of preventive medicine visits the children of each month. The dentist comes in the space of our school two times the by year’s and the oculist a time.

School buses

For the safe transportation of children to and from the school we allocate our own 2 school cars with sessions.